Create the most reliable time tracking system.

Keep track of employee hours with PDY Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS) – a reliable and powerful cloud-based tool for employee self-service, leaves management, reporting, and more.

Automate Now
Using attendance management system and time tracking softwares.

Time-saving, timekeeping that works

Everything you need to easily track and manage your employees time and attendance using automated, efficient and customizable management tools that seamlessly sync with PDY payroll and HR management systems.

Automated clocking systems in the Philippines.

Automated Time-in/out

Make it easier for you and your employees to track log-in and log-out entries.

HR payroll system leave management.

Leave Management

Allow your employees and managers to more efficiently process leaves application and approvals.

HR payroll system overtime management.

Overtime Management

Track overtime processing properly and more accurately.

 Payroll software night differential recording.

Night Differential Recording

Automate night differential computation and recording more precisely.

Customizable payroll system and biometric attendance system shift plotting.

Customizable Shift Plotting

Set-up a more convenient system in plotting dynamic shifts for all your employees.

ESS payroll and time and attendance tracker.

Employee Self Service

Make it more convenient for your employees to manage their respective company profile.

Employee search using payroll system and attendance system.

Employee Search

Gain access to a powerful internal search engine for your employee records database.

Simple and effortless

Clock In and Out of Work. Anywhere.

Conveniently monitor an employee's daily time records, whether working on-site or remotely, with a reliable time-in/time-out clocking system. Overtime and night differential recording are included.

Input System Integration

Conveniently update employee data records using information generated from any digital input system. Whether from biometric attendance facilities, online attendance monitoring system, face recognition attendance system, time tracking software, or any other data capture facility, you can easily integrate any existing attendance management system with PDY.

Employee Self Service System

Provide convenient on-demand access for employees to monitor and manage personal time records, leaves, payslips, government documents, and more.

No-stress Leaves Management

Manage leaves efficiently through a flexible system for employee filing, approval and crediting. You can even set up an automated leaves accumulation system for VL time earning by the hour.

Flexible Shift Plotting

Ensure that you can track all employee’s dynamic schedules – from split shifts to crossover shifts – to ensure that payroll computation is done more precisely and more efficiently.

Easy Employee Management

Get all the tools you need in one intuitive dashboard to manage time and attendance, flexible and special leaves, employee supervision, custom shift plotting, and rewards and benefits.

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