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Implement a performance management system that really works. Monitor, assess and calibrate the output of your team with PDY. 

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ESS payroll system software for HR in the Philippines.

Build a Performance Management System that will drive your business to the next level

Get a 360-degree view on how your employees work and take control of your organization’s performance by helping your employees grow.

Improved Employee Engagement

Engage employees by involving them in goal-setting, recognizing their achievements.

Increased Productivity

Boost employee productivity by aligning employee goals with organizational objectives.

Enhanced Performance Visibility

Gain insights into employee performance with comprehensive performance analytics.

Streamlined Processes

Simplify your performance review processes with customizable templates and automated workflows.

Better Decision-Making

Make informed decisions about talent management, succession planning, and resource allocation.


Manage performance reviews for teams and adapt to organizational changes effortlessly.

Fully-Customizable and Comprehensive
Management Tool

Customizable Performance Review Templates

Tailor performance review templates to fit your organization's unique needs. Define specific performance metrics, competencies, and objectives to evaluate employee performance effectively.

360-Degree Feedback

Gain insights into employee performance from multiple perspectives with our 360-degree feedback feature. Gather anonymous feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports to provide a holistic view of an employee's strengths and areas for improvement.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Align employee goals with organizational objectives using our goal management tools. Set SMART goals, track progress, and provide ongoing support to ensure goal attainment and drive employee engagement.

Continuous Feedback

Foster a culture of continuous improvement with our real-time feedback capabilities. Enable managers and employees to provide feedback instantly, facilitating timely course corrections and development opportunities.

Performance Analytics

Access comprehensive performance analytics to identify trends, recognize top performers, and address performance gaps. Make data-driven decisions to optimize workforce productivity and drive business growth.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate our performance management software with your existing HR systems, including payroll, time tracking, and employee scheduling software, for a unified HR management experience.

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