Set up the most powerful payroll system for your business.

Ensure the reliability of an automated system that seamlessly prepares, processes and documents your payroll from start to finish.

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ESS payroll system software for HR in the Philippines.

Payroll System that you can rely on

Find the peace of mind that your payroll is on point with PDY’s high precision Payroll Management System. Both you and your employees will thank you for it.

Income payroll system computation


Generate the benefits that your employees deserve.

HR payroll software employee deductions.


Ensure that deductions are properly included and automated.

Government statutory HR and payroll system in the Philippines.

Statutory System

Schedule statutories effectively for ease in computation.

Payrolling services journal.

Payroll Register & Journal

Create clear-cut payroll documents for easy checking and verification.

Pay slip payroll outsourcing Philippines.

Pay Slip Posting

Provide customized and precise payslips for your employees.

 Employee final pay payroll software.

Final Pay

Provide accurately computed final pay for outgoing employees.

Employee annualization HR payroll system.


Ensure precisely computed and easily generated company annual reports.

 HR management system and payroll software for government reports.

Government Reporting

Experience highly convenient government report generation.

Reliable and Precise

Automated Payroll Processing

Find comfort in an automated system that can precisely process all payroll computation – from internal benefits and deductions to government benefits and statutories.

Convenient Special Run Processing

Experience the convenience of conducting special runs for payroll processing such as after-payroll computation, missed employee processing and leave conversion computation.

Reliable Deductions Scheduling

Make sure that regular deductions are included in every employee’s respective payroll computation accordingly.

Trouble-Free 2316, Annualization & Alpha List Preparation

Set-up an automated system that can quickly generate all annual reports and related documents – from alpha lists and DAT files to annual tax forecasting and 2316 forms.

Easy Government Reporting

Easily and conveniently generate the most accurate and most reliable government documents for all of your employee and company records.

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