Start an automated talent acquisition system and hire in record time.

Take on the biggest recruitment challenges – from talent scouting and hiring, to screening and onboarding –  and find the perfect candidate for your organization.

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People using the ESS payroll system and HRIS in the Philippines.

Automated Recruitment System that makes the difference

When your company is on the lookout for that top talent, you need to have the perfect process to reach that perfect candidate for the role.

 Time and Attendance Management and Tracker System


Scout and nurture the right candidates for the perfect role

Employee benefits and HR management
Hiring Process

Hire the top person for the right job in record time

Government compliant HR and payroll system in the Philippines.
Screening Protocol

Configure your hiring workflow which you can always rely on

HRIS and employee records management.
Onboarding Structure

Equip the right people from the very start

HRMS bonuses and incentives.
Initial Orientation

Integrate tools to make the whole recruitment process more efficient

Automated and Fully-Customizable

Most secured payroll system in the Philippines.
Automated Recruitment Process

Maximize the efficiency of your recruiting process with a more reliable and faster application-to-hire workflow and analytics monitoring system for busy hiring managers

 ESS payroll system in the Philippines.
Tailor-fit Process

Ensure that your organization’s hiring standards are reflected on the tool you are using with PDY’s customizable and centralized recruitment system

 User friendly payroll software in the
Hassle-free Tracking

Strategize your recruitment process based on predefined analytics such as market rates, historical data of every candidate, budget allotment, etc.

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