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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in how we go about with our everyday business. Stay on top of your organization -- today, and in the uncertain future.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS Software) and Human Resource Management System (HRMS Software) in the Philippines

Payday is here to save the day!

Switch to a reliable, automated, and fully-customizable HR and payroll software system that’s seamlessly integrated and future-ready.


Be in control of your payroll wherever you are with PDY’s Payroll Management System.

Automated & Precise
Payroll Processing

You need to have an automated, future-ready system in your business that can precisely process all payroll computation – from internal benefits and deductions to government benefits and statutories.

Trouble-Free 2316, Annualization & Alpha List Preparation

Be in charge of an automated system that can quickly generate all annual reports and related documents – from alpha lists and DAT files to annual tax forecasting and 2316 forms.

Reliable Deductions Scheduling

You can make sure that PDY can regularly include deductions in every employee’s respective payroll computation accordingly.

Time & Attendance

Everything you need for the future of time and attendance management is with PDY’s automated timekeeping system. 

Clock In and Out of Work. Anywhere.

Remote monitoring of employees’ daily time records has become essential nowadays. Include PDY’s reliable time-in/time-out clocking system in your business process. 

Input System Integration

Conveniently update employee data records using information generated from any digital input system. PDY allows you to easily integrate any attendance management system to its payroll platform.

Employee Self Service System

Your business should allow employees to have on-demand access to monitor and manage their personal time records, leaves, payslips, government documents, and more.


Access a highly systematic records system for your business with PDY’s Human Resource Information System. 

Secured Employee Record

Security is key to a more reliable future. PDY can help you ensure the security of all personal and corporate documents.

Hassle-free History Tracking

Be in control of how you document, track and view all employee information and all their respective pertinent documents.

Central 201 Files

Make it easy for you and your business. Create a centralized and complete employee records database for easy-viewing, employee verification and systematic documentation.

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